Mentored by a Mahavatar: Conversations with Babaji Nagaraj by Toby Alexander

In early 2006, Toby Alexander was contacted by Mahavatar Sri Babaji Nagaraj, an ascended yogi master who works from the upper planes and is immortal, has been around for over 3500 years, can bi-locate, teleport, and change the angular rotation of particle spin inside his cells to manifest his physical form in any location, simply by intent.  Babaji was first introduced to westerners in the best-selling classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda.  In the book, Mentored by a Mahavatar: Conversations with Babaji Nagaraj, you will be able to experience the exact conversations, DNA activations, energy clearings, and divine shaktipat through Babaji's words that Toby Alexander experienced, un-edited, and enabled him to become THE leading authority on ascension, DNA Activation, and self-actualization.   In the book, you will learn the following:

  • How we pick our parents before incarnating
  • The truth about how we embody our Higher selves and become the ONE
  • How to master the siddhi of INSTANT INTENT through using specific codes and telepathy
  • The truth about having multiple simultaneous 1728 incarnations going on in different space/time zones
  • How Babaji worked with Toby Alexander to clear EVERY SINGLE BELIEF and how you can too
  • How the cycles of a woman work (essential information for MEN desiring to understand WOMEN and for WOMEN to understand themselves)
  • Sacred wisdom and advice on practical living with the highest frequency from St. Germaine, Anastasia, Sri Mataji, Lord Maitreya, and Lord Krishna
  • How Babaji performs DNA Activations, Brain Activations, and Sutras of Patanjali Activations on Toby Alexander (when you read it, you get the activations YOURSELF)
  • How to deal with a REACTIVE person and how to clear all codependent relationships and energy parasites
  • How to invoke a soul from the 15th dimension during tantra and conceive using the tri-veca code

And MUCH, MUCH more!

Imagine if an ascended master contacted you, agreed to train you daily, one on one for 4 years, and lifted the veils on who you REALLY ARE, what your MISSION IS, and guided you through sacred teachings and activations to EMBODY your Christos Avatar Self.  Well, this book shows how all of this evolved the REAL DAVINCI code that is going on in the planet right now.

Babaji rarely speaks to anyone here in the 3D and there are no other books out there of this kind, as Babaji only speaks DIRECTLY to his disciples and NEVER does any channeling.  So this book is DIRECT information un-edited from Babaji showing his wisdom, love, humor, and mastery.  If you are serious about self-actualization and self-mastery, this book is a MUST read, especially in these important times from now until 2012.  You can use the information in this book to MASTER every area of your life, including relationships, parenting, spiritual studies, and becoming AT-ONE-WITH Source/God.

Looking forward to sharing this with you.

Much love and respect,

Toby Alexander

Mentored by a Mahavatar Book

Mentored by a Mahavatar: Conversations with Babaji Nagaraj ebook 
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